CS 117-02 Spring 2000
Sharon Salveter


Course grades.

Have a lovely summer.


The instructor is Sharon Salveter. Office: RY 157. Telephone: 834-3705.
Office Hours: MW 11a - noon, or by appointment. I am easily reached by email.

The TA is Murali Ganapathy. Office: RY162A. Phone 702-3496. gmkrishn@cs
Office hours are held in the Maclab Monday and Thursday 4:30 - 6.
Also feel free to stop by his office whenever he is there.

The grader is Catalin Dumitrescu. catalind@cs

Course grades are based on homeworks and programs (1/2), two in-class tests (1/8 each), and a final exam (1/4) .

Course Overview

CS 117 is a data structures and programming course, based on C++. During the course, I expect we will: The required book for the course is Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with C++, 2nd Edition, by Carrano, Helman and Veroff.

You can use any system you like to develop and run your programs. Most of you will probably continue to use the MetroWerks CodeWarrior C++ compiler running under MacOS that you used last quarter.


Please make sure you read and understand my homework presentation and collaboration guidelines.

You will have an assignment every week, on a Friday-to-Friday schedule. Some will be programming assignments and some will be non-programming assignments.


Last updated: May 22, 2000