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Here is code for deleting lines from files

13 Jul 00
The Bastille Day Event
10 Jul 00
Midterm: The midterm is assigned today and due friday. Martha is out of town, so please email me with your questions. We will cover the little bit left on frames in class wednesday. PLESAE START TODAY.

Grading: if you did not fill out part 2 on homework 1, please do so right away. We start grading tonight. If you aren't on the list, you won't be graded.

Image Maps: To do the navigation bar, you need image maps. I have finally corrected the link on the image lecture notes page.

And finally, since most of you will be online a lot of this class, here is a good link. All Advantage is a company that basically has you download a piece of software that shows you adds on the bottom of your screen when you are surfing. They pay you 53 cents an hour while you are using you're browser. This is not required for class, but may be a reasonable suppliment to the strapped college student income. If you're interested, click here for more information.

Also, here are some old links I promised:

30 Jun 00
If you want to check your email on harper, and you don't know how, here is some documentation.


If you are using windows and need an ftp program, you should download WS FTP. you can get it free here:


Instructions for using it are here:


If you are using a mac, a fetch demo can be downloaded from here:


and instructions are here


WS FTP and fetch are also available free in the connectivity package in their full form (as opposed to demos or lite versions). That is available for free from the campus computer store, or on cd for checkout at the Regenstein Library.

29 Jun 00
NOTE ON ACCOUNTS: Do not email techstaff. Do not ask them to hurry, do not ask about the status of your account. Talk to me instead.
25 Jun 00
There will be a tutorial on browsers, ftp programs (uploading, downloading, changing file permissions, creating/changing directories, etc), and authoring HTML documents in the MacLab at 1:30pm Monday. Unless you are familiar with all of this, you should attend.


The instructor and TA are


The books for this course can be found at the bookstore. If you prefer to order online (or if the bookstore is out), the titles are linked to Amazon for your convenience.
The Syllabus