CS 340 Scientific Parallel Computing - prof. Ridgway Scott


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We will focus on the use of multiple processors cooperating to solve a common task. We will study issues related to this general problem in the areas of computer architecture, performance analysis, prediction and measurement, programming languages, and algorithms for large-scale computation. The course will involve programming at least one parallel computer. Possibilities include one of the clusters of workstations connected by high-speed networks currently at the University of Chicago. The course will focus on the state of the art in parallel algorithms for scientific computing. Specific topics will be chosen based on the interests of the students in the class. Students with experience in scientific computing will benefit the most from the class. However, general principles of parallel computing will be emphasized, and all students are encouraged to discuss the course with the instructor. ( Syllabus )

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Programs, homework and examinations are to be completed without collaboration with any other person. However, you may discuss with your colleagues the general nature of the solutions to programs and homework problems. Violations of this policy will be reported, and could result in expulsion from the university. In addition, the student will receive a zero grade on the program, homework or examination.
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