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CMSC 11500 - Introduction to Computer Programming
Autumn 2002

INFORMATION ABOUT CMSC 11500: Introduction to Computer Programming

Section Days Time Classroom
02 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30-12:20 Ryerson 251
Shows the date and title for each session and provides links to the reading and homework assignments for each week.
The course textbook is Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson and Gerald Sussman, 2nd edition. This book is available in the University of Chicago bookstore or from several on-line book-sellers. The full text is also available on-line at http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/sicp
Prerequisites: Placement in MATH 15100 or permission of departmental counselor required.
Course Description
A description of course goals, instructional staff and their office hours, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, and grading procedures for the course. Note that this course has an emphasis on hands-on programming work as well as algorithmic analysis and general mathematical reasoning.
Course Software
All programming assignments for the course can be completed using the Scheme programming environment provided by DrScheme. Dr. Scheme has been installed on all Computer Science department machines. Students can access these machines in the Mac/LinuxLab on the A Level of Regenstein Library. DrScheme is also available for a wide variety of computing platforms - Windows, MacOS, and UNIX/Linux -and can be downloaded free of charge from the DrScheme site, if students wish to install the software on their personal machines.
Course Mailing List
The course email address is: cs11500-1@cs.uchicago.edu. We encourage announcements and discussion about the classes on the mailing list.
Reading List
Detailed information about the reading assignments for each week.
Homework Assignments
Specific homework assignments and information about the class project can be found here. Helpful hints provided by the TAs in response to common questions will also appear here from time to time, so it is worth checking back occassionally.
Exam study guides and sample exams will be available here.