Topics in Concurrency


Course: CMSC 32102
Topics in Concurrency
Instructor: John Reppy
Main text: Concurrent Programming in ML
by John Reppy
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Supplementary text:   ML for the Working Programmer (2nd Edition)
by L.C. Paulson
Cambridge University Press, 1996
Time: TR 10:30-12:00
Room: Ry 251


This course is aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are interested in systems programming using high-level languages. The course will largely be based on the book "Concurrent Programming in ML." Topics that will be covered include: an overview of concurrent programming idioms, concurrent and distributed programming using Concurrent ML, implementation of high-level concurrent languages, and formal models of concurrency. There will be two modest programming projects.

Project 1: The Voyeur Shell

Project 2: Join calculus


Here are links to the PDF version of the slides: Here are some links that may be useful for the course: The following are some online resources for Standard ML:

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