CMSC 10200
Intro to Programming for the World Wide Web II

General information

Instructor:Pedro F. Felzenszwalb
Email:pff (at)
Office hours:Friday 3-4 in Ryerson 162C
Lecture:T & Th 1:30-2:50 Ryerson 251
Lab:Th 3:00-4:20 Mac Lab (Regenstein Library)

Lab webpage:

TAEmailOffice hours
Leandro Cortesleandro (at) cs.uchicago.eduMonday 4-6 in Ryerson 177
Haitao Gao hgao (at) cs.uchicago.eduThursday 4-6 in Hinds 018


Introduction to computer programming in Java -- we introduce object-oriented programming in Java with applications to the World Wide Web. We will cover applets, basic graphics and graphical user interfaces. As time permits, more advanced topics such as threads, animation, and Java Server Pages will be covered.

Grading will be based on homeworks, computer labs, a midterm and a final project.

Textbook: On to Java by Winston and Narasimhan.


Approximatelly one or two weeks in each of these topics:

1. Introduction to Java.
2. Object Oriented Programming.
3. Organizing Data.
4. Graphical User Interfaces.
5. Graphics, Buttons, Menus, Forms.
6. Applets.
7. Servelets.

Examples from class


Bank accounts

User input



Bouncing Ball




Homework 1, due Tuesday April 5. Homework 2, due Thursday April 14. Homework 3, due Tuesday April 26. Homework 4, due Thursday May 5. Homework 5, due Wednesday May 11.