Office Hours

If you need help with any of your coursework in this class, you are welcome to come to office hours to get one-on-one help from an instructor or TA. That said, please make sure to read our Getting Help page first to understand when it makes sense to come to office hours, and when it might make more sense to seek assistance on Ed.

Office Hours Schedule


  • Anne Rogers (Sections 3 & 4 only) : 9-10am

  • Hannah Morgan (Sections 1 & 2 only): 4-5pm


  • Hannah Morgan: 3-5pm


  • Ajay Chopra: 11-1pm

  • Anne Rogers: 3-5pm

  • Hannah Morgan: 5-6pm

  • Jon Yuan: 7-9pm


  • Hannah Morgan: 8-10am

  • Dante Gil-Marin: 10-12pm

  • Emma Peterson: 12-2pm

  • Anne Rogers: 4-6pm

  • Elizabeth Coble: 8-10pm


  • James Liu: 9-11am

  • Antonio Martinez: 11:30-1:30pm

  • Anne Rogers: 3-4pm

Office Hours Protocol

We will be holding office hours Mondays through Fridays (see below for the schedule). The Monday hours are intended for students to speak with their specific instructors. The rest of the hours, which will be staffed by the TAs and the instructors, are open to all sections.

We will be using Canvas appointment groups for scheduling office hours. (The same mechanism that we used for signing up for the Linux Labs). For each block of hours, you will be able to find a appointment on the class calendar. Each hour will be broken into five ten minute slots. You may sign up for at most two slots a day. The system will block you from signing up for more than two slots with one person. We will rely on the honor system to limit students to no more than two slots a day across different office hour leaders.

Each entry will have a Zoom link that will be used for the office hours. Join the meeting and the TA/instructor will let you in when they are ready to help you. Please keep in mind that this is not an exact science. Be patient if the office hour leader is not ready to help you exactly on time.

If you sign up for a slot and find that you don’t need it, please cancel the appointment to make the slot available for other students. Also, please don’t preemptively sign up for multiple slots across the week “just in case.”

If you do not have an appointment and have a short question, you are welcome to drop by the meeting (which will have a waiting room). If the person holding the hours has extra time, they’ll help drop ins on a first-come first-served basis.

Office Hours Expectations

Our goal at office hours is to make sure that you leave in a better position to make progress on the assignment. In some cases, if you have an issue that requires debugging your code, we may not be able to fully debug your code during office hours. In some cases, if the instructor/TA cannot resolve the bug right away, they will instead provide you with a code review: they will look through your entire code and point out aspects that need to be improved or changed, and which could be the source of your bug.

While we realize that it can feel like we’re not answering your question, the code review will help improve your code and will often save you from getting point penalties. It may also resolve your bug but, even if it doesn’t, it will generally make it easier for us to debug your code if you ask about it on Ed.