CMSC 15200 - Introduction to Computer Science II

(aka CS 152)

Course Staff


Teaching Assistants

  • Ajay Chopra

  • Elizabeth Coble

  • Dante Gil-Marin

  • James Liu

  • Antonio Martinez

  • Emma Peterson

  • Jonathan Yuan

Lecture sections

All lecture sessions are conducted remotely using Zoom.

Lecture Section #1

MWF 10:20am-11:10am


Lecture Section #2

MWF 11:30am-12:20pm


Lecture Section #3

MWF 1:50pm-2:40pm


Lecture Section #4

MWF 8:00am-8:50am


There will also be short supplemental pre-recorded lectures.

Discussion sections

The class will also include weekly one-hour discussion sessions, which will meet on Mondays and, possibily, Tuesdays. These sessions will be led by a Teaching Assistant and will be remote. The times for these sessions are TDB.