M2: Pointers and Dynamic Memory Allocation

Zoom Lectures

  • Mon, Jan 25, Introduction to pointers

  • Wed, Jan 27, Arrays

  • Fri, Jan 29, Strings

  • Mon, Feb 1, Structs

  • Wed, Feb 3, Multidimensional arrays

  • Fri, Feb 5, LLDB and Valgrind

Supplemental Pre-recorded Lectures

We will be posting short supplemental videos for most modules. You can find them by clicking the Panopto link on the class canvas site.

This module will have one supplemental video:

Suggested Readings

We’ll refer to The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie as K&R and The Practice of Programming by Kernighan and Pike as K&P.

  • K&R Chapter 5.1-5.10

  • K&R Chapter 6.1-6.4, 6.7-6.8

Short Exercises

  • SE #3, due Sunday, January 29th at 4pm.

  • SE #4, due Sunday, February 7th at 4pm

Programming Assignment