Computer Science with Applications 2

CMSC 12200 (aka CS122)

Course Staff


  • Matthew Wachs

Teaching Assistants

  • Hoang Pham

  • Lawrence Troan

  • William Wang


The syllabus can be viewed here.

Lecture time and location

Lecture Section #1

MWF 1:30-2:20pm

Zoom or STU 102

Lectures will start off on Zoom (exclusively) at the beginning of the quarter, and will transition to in-person (exclusively) as per the University’s schedule.

Information on how to join the Zoom meetings is posted on Ed Discussion, the course message board, and is available to all registered students. Lectures are conducted synchronously, but lecture slides and recordings of lectures will also be posted to Ed Discussion to allow for asynchronous viewing. Please see the post “Lectures on Zoom” on Ed Discussion for links and logistical information.

When instruction transitions to in-person, lectures will no longer be available through Zoom, and recordings of in-person lectures will not be available. If you must miss an in-person lecture, for instance due to illness, please contact the instructor for help catching up. Making recordings of in-person lectures is prohibited.

Lab Times and Locations

Lab 1L01

W 4:00-5:20pm

Zoom or CSIL 5

Lab 1L02

W 5:30-6:50pm

Zoom or CSIL 3

Lab 1L03

W 5:30-6:50pm

Zoom or CSIL 4

Like the lectures, labs will be held on Zoom and then transition to in-person as per the University’s schedule.

Information on attending Zoom lab sessions is also posted on Ed Discussion.


We will not be using a textbook. Slides and some readings will be posted on Ed Discussion, and labs often serve as reference material for recent topics.

Course work

You will complete five programming assignments. You will be allowed to work in pairs on some of these assignments.

In addition to the programming assignments, there will be a quarter-long group project.

Programming assignments




Late submissions

All students may use up to two 24-hour extensions for the programming assignments during the quarter. These extensions are all-or-nothing: you cannot use a portion of an extension and have the rest “carry over” to another extension. If extraordinary circumstances (illness, family emergency, etc.) prevent a student from meeting a deadline, the student must inform their instructor before the deadline.

To be clear, only programming assignments, not project deliverables, can be submitted late under this policy.

After the available extensions are exhausted, no further late work will be accepted.