Course Schedule Fall 2017

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back frequently.

Week Date Lecture Homework Reading (optional for CMSC 23200)
Week 1 Sep 25
The security mindset
Cryptanalysis of the Windows Random Number Generator. Dorrendorf, Gutterman, Pinkas. CCS. 2007.
Sep 27
Message integrity
Homework 1 out
Sep 29
Hash functions and pseudorandomness
Week 2 Oct 2
Project 1 out
On the Security of RC4 in TLS. AlFardan, Bernstein, Paterson, Poettering, Schuldt. USENIX Security. 2013.
Oct 2

Java minicourse
(Ry. 255)

Oct 4
Block ciphers
Homework 1 due 6pm
Homework 2 out
Grad. paper response 1 due 6pm
Oct 6
Public key cryptography
Week 3 Oct 9
New directions in cryptography. Diffie, Hellman. Trans. Information Theory. 1976.
Oct 11
Digital signatures
Grad. paper response 2 due 6pm
Oct 13
Key exchange and key management
Week 4 Oct 16
Homework 2 due 6pm
Project 1 due 6pm
Project 2 out
Reining in the web with content security policy. Stamm, Sterne, Markham. WWW. 2010.
Oct 18
Web architecture
Grad. paper response 3 due 6pm
Oct 20
Web attacks and defenses
Week 5 Oct 23
Authenticating people
Homework 3 out
Measuring real-world accuracies and biases in modeling password guessability. Ur, Segreti, Bauer, Christin, Cranor, Komanduri, Kurilova, Mazurek, Melicher, Shay. Usenix Security. 2015.
Oct 25
Authentication (cont.) and access control
Grad. paper response 4 due 6pm
Oct 27
No lecture
Week 6 Oct 30
Networking basics
Project 2 due 6pm
Project 3 out
Bro: a system for detecting network intruders in real-time. Paxson. Computer Networks. 1999.
Nov 1
Network attacks
Grad. paper response 5 due 6pm
Nov 3
Network attacks (cont.)
Week 7 Nov 6
Network defenses
Homework 3 due 6pm
Homework 4 out
The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone: Return-into-libc without function calls (on the x86). Shacham. CCS. 2007.
Nov 8
Memory safety
Project 3 due 6pm
Project 4 out
Grad. paper response 6 due 6pm
Nov 10
Memory safety (cont.)
Week 8 Nov 13
Tor: The second-generation onion router. Dingledine, Mathewson, Syverson. Usenix Security. 2004.
Nov 15
Trusted computing and side channels
Grad. paper response 7 due 6pm
Nov 17
Homework 4 due 6pm
Week 9 Nov 20
Web privacy
Homework 5 out
Project 4 due 6pm
Project 5 out
Cookies That Give You Away: The Surveillance Implications of Web Tracking. Englehardt, Reisman, Eubank, Zimmerman, Mayer, Narayanan, Felten. WWW. 2015.
Nov 22
The underground economy
Grad. paper response 8 due 6pm
Nov 24
Thanksgiving break – No lecture
Week 10 Nov 27
Advanced threats
Nov 29
Human factors
Grad. paper response 9 due 6pm
Dec 1
Exam review
Homework 5 due 6pm
Week 11 Dec 4
Project 5 due 6pm

Final Exam: Friday, December 8, 10:30am–12:30pm in Ry. 251

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