CMSC 23700; Autumn 2017
Final Project: Terrain rendering

For this project you will implement a terrain rendering system using the Chunked LOD algorithm. You may work in pair (groups of three may be allowed upon request); use the web form at

to create your group.

Test maps

Here are a few test maps to test your implementation. The first two maps were included in your repositories; the others you will have to download.


Project 5 --- Final Project (Part I) Description

A description of the first part of the final project.

Project 6 --- Final Project (Part II) Description

A description of the second part of the final project.

Rendering Massive Terrains using Chunked Level of Detail Control [pdf]

This paper describes the Chunked LOD algorithm.

Frustum culling

A discussion about frustum culling techniques that may help supplement the discussion in the book.

Cascaded Shadow Maps

An NVIDIA developer note on a technique for shadowmapping large scenes by using multiple shadow volumes.

Rendering Countless Blades of Waving Grass

Chapter 7 of the GPU Gems book, which describes a technique for rendering grass using the GPU.

GPU Rainfall

A paper that describes various advanced techniques for rendering rain on a GPU in realtime.

Procedural Fractal Terrains

A paper by Ken Musgrave about synthesizing heightfield terrain using fractal noise. These techniques might be used to add detail geometry to a scene.

Last revised: December 6, 2017