CMSC 23700 Fall 2017
Project 3
Advanced Lighting Techniques

Project description

This project involves adding more advanced features to the viewer from Projects 1 and 2. The description can be found here.

Example scenes

Here are screen shots for the sample scenes. Click on the thumbnail to get the full image.

Scene Wireframe Flat Shading Diffuse Textured Normal mapping Shadows
simple1 simple1-wire simple1-flat simple1-light simple1-text simple1-bump simple1-shadow
simple2 simple2-wire simple2-flat simple2-light simple2-text simple2-bump simple2-shadow
ground1 ground1-wire ground1-flat ground1-light ground1-text ground1-bump ground1-shadow
ground2 ground2-wire ground2-flat ground2-light ground2-text ground2-bump ground2-shadow
ground+rock ground+rock-wire ground+rock-flat ground+rock-light ground+rock-text ground+rock-bump ground+rock-shadow

Last revised: October 29, 2017