CMSC 23700 Autumn 2017
Project 4
Deferred Rendering

Project description

This project involves implementing deferred rendering. The description can be found here [Updated 2017-11-14].

Example scenes

Here are screen shots for the sample scenes. The various shapes scenes involve the same basic geometric objects with different lighting parameters. The street scene is a more complicated example.

We have included a view that shows the light-volume cones as a wire frame. This view is not something that you need to implement; rather, we include it to help you understand the geometry of the scenes. Click on the thumbnail to get the full image.

Scene Wireframe Textured Light Volumes Deferred Rendering with SSAO with Shadows
shapes shapes-wire shapes-text shapes-text shapes-deferred shapes-ssao shapes-shadow
shapes2 shapes2-wire shapes2-text shapes2-text shapes2-deferred shapes2-ssao shapes2-shadow
shapes3 shapes3-wire shapes3-text shapes3-text shapes3-deferred shapes3-ssao shapes3-shadow
rocks rocks-wire rocks-text rocks-text rocks-deferred rocks-ssao rocks-shadow
street street-wire street-text shapes-text street-deferred street-ssao street-shadow

Last revised: November 11, 2017