Intro Lab and Environment Setup:

Section 1:  Getting started with Bitbucket

Below is a brief introduction to using Bitbucket for this class. Please post any questions about this on Piazza.


In this class, you will use Bitbucket to submit all of your code for the project. Bitbucket is a free online repo for hosting code that can be shared between team members. You should sign up for a free Private Repo. It uses Git for version control. You will also be using Docker and there is a tutorial below for working with Docker and Bitbucket together. Individual assignments should be sent to the grader via email.

Note: Both the professor and the grader must have full access to your repo so we can evaluate the code from your project at the end of the quarter. Please make sure you set this up.


Here is a good list of relevant Bitbucket Commands.

Directory Structure

It is up to you and your team to define your directory structure in Bitbucket. You can set it up however you like, but you must make sure that both the professor and grader have access to it too.

Getting Bitbucket

You can sign up for a free private account Here.

Further Reading

Here are some links to other (more detailed) Bitbucket informationals: