Iteration 5 Details for MPCS 51221

Each iteration has delivered an incremental accretion of work toward the final project deliverable.  With this iteration, you are concluding your project and turning it into a final deliverable.

See the syllabus for information on grading.  Turning in Iteration assignments is required.  Submit your assignments as a tarball to the subversion repository according to the directions on the syllabus page.

Iteration 5  

Due: 5:00 pm, Monday, December 5, 2017 for all teams

Final Project Post-Mortem:

This final iteration offers you a chance to detail a post-mortem analysis of your project, including (but not limited to):

Pain Points (technical and organizational)
What you thought would be easy that turned out hard
What you thought would be hard that turned out easy
Your Proudest Moment
TM (aka the breakthrough)
What you thought was the coolest thing you discovered or produced (code, design)
The Value of Design Thinking vs. Coding and Refactoring

Your post-mortem should be delivered as a Powerpoint presentation with any accompanying artifacts you wish.