Student Presentation Instructions:

Your presentation should take around 15 minutes. Try to work through your presentation orally before class, so that you are sure you will hit within that range. Although you may wonder how you will talk for a full 15 minutes about anything, I will be praying that you actually succeed in communicating your main ideas in just 15 minutes! The advice of Thoreau is nowhere more apt than in this context: SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY. Your goals with your presentation will be to simply explain, clearly and concisely, the main ideas, and then give as simple an example of an example  implementation of those ideas that you can come up with. KISS!

The general format of a Presentation should be as follows:

1. General Description of Purpose of Presentation

What problem(s) does this idea solve? Why is this significant? How might it help the designer?   What is the problem context?

2. Description of Example

Verbally describe your example. Show a UML (or other) model that demonstrates the implementation of the problem space and solution viz a viz your example.  Explain how the problem in question is ameliorated in your example. Talk about advantages and disadvantages of each solution (assuming there may be more than one).  Note you may communicate your model in UML but you may also use any notation you wish to communicate your design (SCN Notation, etc.) (SCN = scribble on napkin).

3.  Implementation of Example

An actual example implementation in source code (Python, Java, C++, Scala, even PseudoCode) that demonstrates your solution.  Kudos if it runs!  In AS CONCISE A FORM AS POSSIBLE, show how the problem and its solution might be implemented in your example you modeled in item 2.


Your grade on the presentation will be based on:

1. How clearly  you describe the problem and its solution space.

2. How clear your example is in demonstrating the idea and how your solution is implemented.

3. The clarity of your courage with which you have tackled the problem.

Your grade on the presentation will not be based on:

1.    Your achievement of perfection.

N.B.  If your example is brilliant, scintillating, but recondite, if it obfuscates the central theme with an exquisite sesquipedalian musing, if the point is lost in a recalcitrant pattern of perplexity, if only those members of le salon de refuser would appreciate your enigmatic landscape, your grade will surely suffer. Your job is to teach the concept and solution space to those of us who don't know it as well as you do.  Be gentle, be concise, and above all be clear.  KISS!