Office Hours

All office hours will be fully remote (on Zoom). The table below provides information about the time/location.

Right before the beginning of an office hour, an Ed sign-up post will be created to allow you to claim a spot to be seen. Please know that not all students will be able to be seen during an office hour but we will try our best to accommodation everyone All times are in Central Standard Time (CST)

Here is the information that you will see when the office hours post goes up:

Remote instructions

In this post, add a comment with a brief description of your issue, and a Zoom meeting ID for remote students (this can be your personal meeting ID or one created specifically for office hours). The instructor or TA running office hours will go through these messages and visit each meeting to provide one-on-one help. Note: If you are uncomfortable sharing a meeting ID on the channel, simply specify that you would like the instructor/TA to send you a private message once they’re reading to see you, so you can then share a meeting ID with them privately.

When an instructor or TA joins your meeting, please share your screen with them if your question is going to involve looking at code or debugging of any sort (if you prefer, you can also share a single window, such as your code editor or a terminal). This is similar to how you would show an instructor/TA your laptop during normal office hours. During office hours, you may be asked to grant control to the instructor/TA over your screen. This can sometimes allow us to help you more interactively (similar to how an instructor/TA would type on your laptop during normal office hours), but please let us know if you would prefer not to do this. You will know when you are coming up soon because the instructor or TA will click the “Resolved” button to indicate we have completed a session.







Lamont Samuels

Remote (Zoom only)



Lamont Samuels

Remote (Zoom Only)