Remotely running Go on the CS Department Linux computersΒΆ

You can remotely run Go programs on a CS Department Linux computer by following the below steps (note do not actually enter in $:):

  1. Connect to a remote machine by using SSH:

    $: ssh

    Replace username with your actual CNetID. Enter the password corresponding to your CNetID, and press enter.

  2. The default version of Go installed on the linux machines is an out dated version. You will always need to load Go 1.16 via a module environment:

    $: module load golang/1.19


    You will always need to do this step each time you login to a CS Linux machine; otherwise, you will be using the old version of Golang.

  3. Verify the correct version was loaded by running the version Go command:

    $: go version
    go version go1.19 linux/amd64