MPCS 52060 - Parallel Programming

Course Staff


  • Lamont Samuels

Teaching Assistants

  • Adrian Lehmann


  • Collin Olander

  • Edgar Pal

Lecture Structure

You will meet with the instructor once a week. We will use this time to cover additional material, review material covered in the pre-recorded lectures, work through exercises, or have a discussion. This class will be structured in a hybrid manner, which means you can attend class in two ways:

  1. In-Person - Come to campus at the designated time and location provided below.

  2. Remotely - You can join and watch the lecture remotely via a Zoom link. You will have access to the Zoom links inside Canvas. Please reach out the instructor if you do not have access to the Zoom links.

Most weeks, there will be a series of pre-recorded lectures that you must watch before attending lecture. More details are provided in the syllabus.





Section #1

Th. 4:00pm-5:20pm CDT

JCL 011 & Zoom