MPCS 52060 - Parallel Programming

Course Staff


Teaching Assistants

  • Ashish Verma


  • Collin Olander

  • Edgar Pal

Lecture Structure

You will meet with the instructor once a week. We will use this time to cover additional material, review material covered in the pre-recorded lectures, work through exercises, or have a discussion. This class will be fully in-person this means there will be no recorded Zoom sessions or live Zoom sessions, unless if you are required to quarantine due to Covid-19 or a sickness then let your instructor known in advance and he will livestream that day’s lecture and provide you with a link. If you are given permission to livestream then you may not record it and no questions will be If the instructor cannot hold an in-person lecture then the instructor will reach out with alternatives for holding that lecture.

Most weeks, there will be a series of pre-recorded lectures that you must watch before attending lecture. More details are provided in the syllabus.





Section #1

W 5:30pm-7:00pm CDT

JCL 390