Class Meeting 08: Develop Your Final Project Idea

Learning Goals

Guidelines for the Final Project

You must satisfy the following objectives with your final project:

For the final project, you will work in groups of 2-3 students and you will be able to choose your groups.

Developing Final Project Ideas

First, you will use the stickey notes on your table to write down 1-4 final project ideas. Then, each student will share 1-2 of their project ideas with the class. After everyone has shared their project ideas, form teams of 2-3 students who are interested in working on the same idea.

Define Your Project Goals

Fill out the Project Goals Worksheet on your table to define your project goals and define your problem statement.


Using the Storyboarding Worksheets on your table, work with your group to design your robot's appearance and behavior. Each storyboard scene will include:

See the following storyboard exapmle of a robot that is designed to help people make healthy food choices:

Scene 1
storyboard 1

Scene Description: The robot waits for user input.

Loop forever:
     Wait for touch input

Scene 2
storyboard 2

Scene Description: When the robot is touched on the head, it will respond

Loop forever:
     If touch is detected on the robot's head:
         Do something

Scene 3
storyboard 3

Scene Description: After being touched on the head, the robot display a happy emotion and will say, "I'm SnackBot, a robot that makes healthy food suggestions. Gesture up for dinner suggetsions, right for snacks, and left for something sweet."

Display happy emotion
Play audio recording that says "I'm Snackbot..."

Scene 4
storyboard 4

Scene Description: The user provides an up gesture to the robot to ask for a healthy dinner suggestion.

Loop forever:
     If a up gesture is detected:
         Provide a healthy dinner suggestion

Scene 5
storyboard 5

Scene Description: The robot provides a healthy dinner suggestion ("For dinner tonight, consider making a vegetable lasagna") and makes a dance-like movement after making the suggestion.

Play audio recording that says "For dinner tonight..."
Play animation recording where the robot moves to the left, to the right, to the left, and back to center

Start programming!

After you have finished storyboarding your interaction, please spend the rest of class time building and programming your robot.

Requirements to Meet Expectations for Today's Class