M6: Recursion

This module provides an introduction to recursive functions and recursively-defined data structures.

Pre-recorded Lectures

The pre-recorded lectures are available through Canvas.

The lectures include a video to introduce the module (“Overview of Module M6”) and the instructor (coming soon) and a series of 5-20 minute videos divided into three sections:

  • 6a - Recursive Functions
    • 6a.1 - Introduction to Recursion

    • 6a.2 - Anatomy of a Recursive Function Call

    • 6a.3 - How to Think Recursively

    • 6a.4 - Binary Search

  • 6b - Trees
    • 6b.1 - Introduction to Trees

    • 6b.2 - Using Trees

  • 6c - Bonus: Functional Programming
    • 6c.1 - Introduction to Functional Programming

    • 6c.2 - Higher-Order Functions

    • 6c.3 - Anonymous Functions

    • 6c.4 - map(), filter(), and reduce()

Textbook Chapters

The chapters corresponding to this module are:

A PDF version of the textbook is also available here.

You will be asked to log in with your CNetID before you can see the textbook.

Please note that the pre-recorded lectures cover largely the same material as the book. We recommend starting with the pre-recorded lectures, and then reading through the book (but do not feel bad if you find yourself skipping large portions of the textbook, if you feel they tread on material that you already understood when watching the lectures)

Zoom Sessions

You will find the links to the Zoom sessions on Canvas.

  • Week 8
    • Wednesday, November 18th: Lab #6

    • Friday, November 20th: Q&A and extended example

Files from Stimulus example:


Lab #6: Recursion

In the November 18th lecture, we will be working through a few of the problems in this lab. You are not expected to complete the lab before that lecture, but you should try to read through it so you are familiar with its contents.

Short Exercises

Short Exercises #6, due Friday, Dec 4 at 3pm CST

Programming Assignment

Programming Assignment #6, due Friday, Dec 4 at 3pm CST