Reactions to Research Papers

Students in the graduate version of the class will read a research paper each week other than the first. You must submit a reaction to the assigned paper for the week on Gradescope by 11:59pm each Monday. Late paper reactions will receive no credit. Reactions should consist of three brief paragraphs of prose (not bullet points) in your own words using approximately the structure listed below:

Paragraph 1 (Summary):
Paragraph 2 (+/-): Paragraph 3 (Reaction):

Research Project

Students will work on a major and novel research project. We generally expect that projects will be done individually. By 11:59pm on each of the following days, you must submit the following as a Campuswire private message (visible only to instructors) that is tagged with the "Project" tag:
Students are encouraged to submit their project to a conference with an appropriate deadline. A paper submission will likely require additional work after the end of the quarter. Your final paper should be written in a style suitable for publication at a conference or workshop. The conference papers in the readings provide good examples of what a conference paper looks like and the style in which they are written. Papers should follow the sigconf template available as part of the ACM LaTeX template.