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Com Sci 105
Fundamentals of Computer Programming (Scheme)
Autumn 1998

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Course Description

This class will introduce you to the basic concepts of computer programming using the programming language Scheme. Among other things, we will study variables, expressions, functions, higher-order functions, recursion, and abstraction. We will use the MacGambit implementation of Scheme available in the MacLab.


Com Sci 105 meets in three sections.

Section 01
Section 02
Section 03
All classes are in Ryerson Annex 276.


Thursday : 5pm-6pm, Ryerson 276. (Rahul Santhanam)
Friday : 5pm-6pm, Ryerson 276. (Xiaohan Peng)


Required text
Brian Harvey, Matthew Wright. Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science, MIT Press, Cambridge (MA), 1994.
There is a list of errata for the textbook.

Further reading
Abelson, Sussman, Sussman. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Instead of going to the bookstore, you may wish to order the text from Book Pool, Barnes & Noble online, Amazon, or other book vendors.


Homework Assignments

Number Title Type Due Solution
Assignment 0 Pig Latin Programming Monday 12 October 11:59 PM
Assignment 1 None Written and Programming Sunday 18 October 11:59 PM
Assignment 2 None Programming Sunday 25 October 11:59 PM Solution 2
Assignment 3 None Programming Sunday 1 November 11:59 PM Solution 3
Practice set None Programming Do not hand in. Practice Solution
Assignment 4 None Programming Sunday 15 November 11:59 PM Solution 4
Assignment 5 None Programming Sunday 22 November 11:59 PM
Final Project
Part 1 2-Player Prisoner's Dilemma Programming Thursday 3 December 11:59 PM
Part 2 3-Player Prisoner's Dilemma Programming Wednesday 9 December 11:59 PM


Grading Policy

This is the tentative percentage breakdown of the final grade:

Additional Resources

Scheme Demo Files

These are scripts from class demos. They are also stored on the MacLab file server Johnny Three as MacLab Resources:Courses:Autumn 1998:CS105:Demos:Oct_14-2.scr, etc. (Oct_14 is the date, -2 indicates section 2).