Policy on academic honesty

The University of Chicago has a formal policy on academic honesty that you are expected to adhere to.

In brief, academic dishonesty (handing in someone else’s work as your own, taking existing code and not citing its origin, etc.) will not be tolerated in this course. Depending on the severity of the offense, you risk getting a hefty point penalty or being dismissed altogether from the course. All cases will be referred to the Dean of Students office, which may impose further penalties, including suspension and expulsion. Even so, discussing the concepts necessary to complete assignments is certainly allowed (and encouraged). Under no circumstances should you show (or email) another student your code or post your solution to a web-page or social media site. If you have discussed parts of an assignment with someone else, then make sure to say so in your homework submission (e.g., in a README file or as a comment at the top of your source code file). If you consulted other sources, please make sure you cite these sources. If you have any questions regarding what would or would not be considered academic dishonesty in this course, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the instructors.