The midterm will be available for 48 hours, and you may take it at your convenience during that time window. It is not a timed test, but it is designed for a length that most students can finish in the 80-minute class period. The exam will be posted on Gradescope. You may use the course resources, but you may not discuss any aspect of the exam with another student or collaborate in any way.

We will not have class that day so that you may use that time on the exam if you choose.

The midterm will test knowledge and skills related to two subjects:
  • Learning / Education
  • Game Design

The questions on learning and/or game design will often present a scenario or design and ask you to analyze that in terms of what we have learned in the course. Specifically, you will be asked to provide arguments both for and against the particular proposed plan using the vocabulary in the course. You will be graded on the level to which you demonstrated your ability to choose appropriate theories / concepts, analyze the situations, and articulate the meaning of those theories / concepts and their applicability to the situation.