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Date Readings Project
9/26: W1a Introduction (pdf) C# Handout
09/28: W1b Affordances / Designing for Users (pdf) Readings: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs video Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - reading Affordances in Learning Affordances blog Consequences of Poor Design Graduate Readings: Scratch Interface Password Strength Meters Online Questions: Week 1B Reading Questions Week 1B Grad Reading Questions
In-Class Participation:
Week 1B In-Class Participation
10/3: W2a Learning Trajectories (pdf) Readings and Video: Learning Progression Pieces of Knowledge Spiral Curriculum (abstract only) LTs in K-8 CS (free via vpn library connection) Active Learning Online Questions: Week 2A Reading Questions
10/5: W2b Constructivism, Active Learning (pdf) Readings: Constructivism (1) Constructivism (2) Constructivism (3) (optional) Online Questions: Week 2A Reading Questions Graduate Student Readings: Use, Modify, Create study TIPP&SEE CS Learning Strategy Online Questions: Week 2A Graduate Reading Questions
10/10: W3a Constructionism, Student Supports (pdf) Readings: Constructionism Mindstorms: Forward, Intro, Ch 1 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ZPD Reading Comprehension Strategies Online Questions: Week 2B Reading Questions
10/12: W3b Game Design / Motivation Readings: Studying Gamification chapter Online Questions: Week 3B Reading Questions
10/17: W4a Cancelled Book: Readings / Questions Chapters 2-4, pages 21-66
Play and/or explore features of: Monopoly Fortnite WolfQuest Week 4A Reading Questions
10/19: W4b Game Design Theory Readings: (no additional readings)
10/24: W5a Inequity, Culture Readings: Chapter 5 Inequity Readings Week 5A Reading Questions Do a group reading questions submission, one per group
10/26: W5b Iterative Design Readings: Chapter 7 Week 5B Reading Questions
10/31: W6a Designing for
Learning Differences
Video: Readings: overview UDL Visual impairment Cognitive challenges Week 5B Reading Questions
11/2: W6b Design Review Design Review: You will be sent two Milestone #2 documents. Prior to class, complete the following Design Review Document for each document. You may submit as your project group, not individually.
11/7: W7a Badge Systems Readings: Useful? Khan Academy Open Badges Week 6B Reading Questions
11/9: W7b MIDTERM
11/14: W8a MOOCs / ITSs Readings: ITS Readings click here MOOC Promise, Coursera TED (5 min),
SJSU+Udacity, Flukes?, It helps who? Week 8A Reading Questions
11/16: W8b Assessment Readings: Section 4 ECD for Dummies, pgs 12-33 Starting at 3:20 - watch this video
11/20-11/24: Thanksgiving Break!
11/28: W9a Large Language Models Readings: Opportunities and Challenges of ChatGPT: Sections 3-6 Novice users and CoPilot: Sections 1, 4.0-4.2
11/30: W9b Flash Talk Demos
12/5: Final Exam Time Final paper, MVP Demo
12/9: Last day of finals week Research Summaries (grad students)