Course Schedule

Date Class Meeting Deliverables
Week 1
Mon, Mar 29 Class Meeting 01: Welcome & Introduction to Robot Programming
Wed, Mar 31 Class Meeting 02: First Turtlebot3 Programming Before class:
Week 2
Mon, Apr 5 Class Meeting 03: Sensory-Motor Control Warmup Project "drive in a square" code + writeup (intermediate deliverable) due 11:00am CST
Wed, Apr 7 Class Meeting 04: Robot State Estimation Before class:
Week 3
Mon, Apr 12 Class Meeting 05: Robot Localization Warmup Project due 11:00am CST
Wed, Apr 14 Class Meeting 06: Measurement Models for Range Finders Particle Filter Localization Project Implementation Plan due 11:00am CST
Notes on class today:
  • Make sure to arrive on time as you will be working with your particle filter teammate for the in class exercise
  • You'll get the most out of this in-class exercise if you have already gotten started on initializing your particle cloud and/or gotten familiar with the particle filter localization starter code
Week 4
Mon, Apr 19 Class Meeting 07: SLAM
Wed, Apr 21 Class Meeting 08: Forward/Inverse Kinematics
Week 5
Mon, Apr 26 Class Meeting 09: Markov Decision Processes Particle Filter Localization Project due 11:00am CST
Wed, Apr 28 Class Meeting 10: Reinforcement Learning
Fri, Apr 30 Q-Learning Project Implementation Plan due 11:00am CST
Week 6
Mon, May 3 Class Meeting 11: Robot Vision
Wed, May 5 Class Meeting 12: Q-Learning Project Studio Time
Week 7
Mon, May 10 Class Meeting 13: Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Wed, May 12 Class Meeting 14: Final Project Ideation & Team Formation Q-Learning Project due 11:00am CST
Fri, May 14 Final Project Proposal due 11:00am CST
Week 8
Mon, May 17 Class Meeting 15: Final Project Initial Idea Presentations
Wed, May 19 Class Meeting 16: Careers in Robotics Panel
Week 9
Mon, May 24 Class Meeting 17: Midpoint Final Project Check-In
Wed, May 26 Class Meeting 18: Wrap Up
Fri, May 28
Reading Period (May 29 - Jun 1)
Finals Period
TBD Final Project Presentations
Fri, Jun 4 Final Project due 5:00pm CST